A downloadable Joust

Duel: The Jousting Game, 2.5D Joust with dragons.

Game Features:

• 3 Game Modes to keep you busy (Standard, Duel, and Arena)

• Standard is 15 stages of epic adventure, complete with boss fights! (More stages will come in future DLC)

• Arena Mode is survival with waves of enemies that get thrown at you repeatedly, and get harder each wave, major leveling up and money is to be won here

• Duel Mode is a special mode with special rules: Each time you enter and are a different level you will be matched with an enemy at your level. Duel mode can only be done once per level since rewards are so high.

• In Game shop where you can buy power-ups, weapons and armor, and many other goods.

• Level up with RPG stats and make your character powerful!.

• Power-ups that randomly drop from the sky and help you win the battle.

• Customize your Jouster in the character customizer, change your dragons skin, suit up armor etc.

• 20+ Achievements to unlock, most of which carry in game rewards.

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